What Am I Doing?

For those of you that don't know exactly what my plans are, I'm going to outline my new few months so you can perhaps anticipate when your support is needed and when you can get a book!

As of right now, my 50k+ novel The Un-Life of William Moore is done.  I plan to submit it to Amazon Kindle Scout by the end of the month.

Currently, it's being reviewed by an editor.  She anticipates she'll be able to meet my time frame goal.

I ordered a book cover, and assuming I like what I get, that should be wrapped up in about 10 days from now, also meeting my goal.

According to Kindle Scout FAQ, once I submit my story, it will take a couple days before it hits the website.  So, I'm aiming for the ballpark of the last week in December or the first week of January for The Un-Life being up and ready to be voted on.  An except of approximately the first 5k words are then available to read. 

Once up, the book has 30 days to generate buzz.  In that time period, I will be marketing like my life depends on it in order to get nominated by readers. If the story gets enough attention, a "Scout" from Amazon may offer me a publishing gig.

All you need to vote on the story is an Amazon account.  And did I mention that if my book gets selected for publication, everyone that voted for it gets an early, FREE copy?

So roughly by February, I should know if I succeeded or failed with Kindle Scout.

If I did fail to get the Scout's attention, then I will proceed with simply self-publishing my ebook via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm excited to be trying.  Too few a times do people actually get to follow their dreams, often by choosing not to. I choose to succeed.

Someday when I feel like I'm making a presence, I would like to publish hard copies of The Un-Life of William Moore as well.

And I also have several other books that I am working on for my next adventure.

Stay tuned for more precised dates and any other information!

Thank you again for taking this journey with me.

-Dana Lockhart


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