Dear Amazon

Dearest Amazon,

If you do more than just look at the book, if you also look at the social presence of an author, if you are reading this now, let me tell you: when it comes to my Kindle Scout campaign, the only thing you’ve got to lose is a beautiful partnership with a loyal customer and determined businesswoman.

I promise you there are only good things coming your way if you support me. If you take the chance to be the first one to jump start my writing career, you can bet that I’m going to come to you first with everything from here on out. When I’m treated right (and you’ve always treated me right for the past 10 years), I stick with you, and I really look forward to doing more business with you in the publishing world.

I didn't go into Kindle Scout thinking it was a tool to use to get published - I went into it with starting a business in mind. I’m not going to be a one-shot wonder. I dream bigger than that. The Un-Life of William Moore is only the beginning. I’ve got bigger and better novels on the way as we speak, and they’ll only get better faster with the support of my first book being published with Kindle Scout. I am an investment that will grow. If there's even the slightest indecision of whether you want to publish my book or not, give me the benefit of the doubt.  I'll make sure you don't regret it.  I don't want to flop, either.

Take this journey with me, and let’s make something great together.

With love,



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