Heart to Heart, Author to Author

Authors, I got to tell you guys, it’s a pleasure talking to you.

It’s amazing how quickly we can chum up with fellow writers because we’re all worried about the exact same things. Query rejections, editor critiques, cover design, marketing, the next story, website views, ratings. Holy moly is there a lot to worry about when you’re an author! Especially a self-published or small time author that hasn’t been able to stand out yet. It’s refreshing to know that everyone else is worrying about the same thing. And then you can complain to each other about all of it and everything they say is so relatable that it hurts, and yet it makes you feel better. Misery and company and all that.

And then you guys are just so supportive, too. I’m floored by how quickly a stranger that also writes will wish you the best of luck and support you without even really knowing you yet. We know the struggle, we know the pain, so we lift up others when we can.

It’s like we’re all cousins. Maybe distant cousins, but still related. We can just bump into each other, never having met before, and find that one common thing about each other and chat away until our voices give out or our fingers fall off. We can laugh and cry and become best friends in no time. Even if our genres are miles apart from each other, somehow we still manage to find common ground. Trying to find that perfect word, trying to get through that writer’s block, trying to pitch your idea in the best possible way.

Maybe we just like to talk. I mean, we write stories, don’t we? We like telling them, we like listening to them. What better place to find inspiration but from another storyteller? Not only are the stories good, but the encouragement is breathtaking. We believe anything is possible because we create something out of nothing all the time. We breathe life into ideas and give them carefully sculpted form.

We are the Muses.

-Dana Lockhart


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