I Lost the Battle, But Not the War

There's no way to sugar coat it.  If you nominated The Un-Life of William Moore, you probably already got the email by now.  It was not selected for publication.

And there's a ton of things I could say about that and how that makes me feel, but I'm sure you can imagine it.  We've all fought hard for something before and ended up not being able to succeed.  It hurts like hell.  I've personally been trying to hold in the emotions because I don't have the time to process them right now.  I found out an hour before my second writers guild meeting and couldn't let some bad news ruin my makeup and what was going to be a fun night.

I do plan on moving forward with getting The Un-Life published.  I did have a back-up plan, but had rather hoped I wouldn't have to use it.  Now that I'm in that situation, I want to make sure that Plan B is the right plan before going full steam ahead into it.

Plan B is to self-publish via Kindle Direct and Createspace.  At this time, it seems like the most likely option that I will pursue.  However, I'm going to take my own ideas of how to improve the story, as well as the editorial feedback I got from Scout, and try and make the story even better before I do that.  How long that will take, I don't really know.  I put my life on hold trying to market for Kindle Scout and there's so much I need to catch up on and take care of.  I'm also rather exhausted with the story and even thinking about looking at it again after it was rejected is hard.

Subsequent plans would be to maybe try looking at traditional publishing again.  I don't really like this plan much because it's even more time consuming.  I'm told the process of traditional publishing can take years.  The Un-Life has already been waiting too long to be read. I've been waiting too long to pursue my dream.

And then other plans would simply be to consider other methods of self-publishing other than Kindle Direct.  I want to  see just how deep the rights of Kindle Direct go and if I can put my ebook on other outlets as well.

I need to thoroughly research my options and pick the best one that is going to do The Un-Life, me, and you justice.  Please bear with me as I regroup and reconsider the best way to do that.

-Dana Lockhart


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