That Was Unexpected

I’m back, baby!  I was down for about a week because my darling dearest, Divinity, was sick and had to be taken to the doctor.

And no, I don’t have kids and I didn’t name my not-kids that.  Divinity is my desktop computer.  When I got my very first laptop, I was into angel mythology (not in the religious sense, but a fiction sense), and I named the laptop Nephilim.  Even though I’m not as into angel mythology as I was, I kept with the theme.  Between phones, tablets, and computers, I’ve named my devices Seraph, Grigori, and even just the plain Angel. 

Divinity was having problems with abrupt crashes like the power suddenly being cut off, and yet, she rebooted after it happened, which told me it probably wasn’t a power issue (I’ve had plenty of power issues over the years with the way the electric at my house surges and flickers so much that it damages my power supply).  I dealt with it for about a month.  She shut down like that about twice every four hours I used her, no matter if I was just browsing the internet or playing an intensive game.  It seemed to be getting worse because she started doing it within the first couple minutes of being booted up, which also indicated it probably wasn’t a heat problem because she didn’t have time to get hot.  I was at a loss.

I know a little about building computers.  A little.  I replaced my power supply several times and updated to a bigger graphics card.  I put in an extra hard drive before.  But past that, I’m not comfortable.  So I reluctantly took my baby to a computer shop.

After almost a week I finally heard back from them that Divinity had never shut down while she was in their care.  They had her on stress tests all weekend and she was still alive when they came back Monday.  There were no viruses detected.  As far as the boss man was concerned, he couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  I told him that I had seen in the event log that it had crashed, but I couldn’t find out why.  “Oh,” he said like he had never thought about checking that, then said he’d check it.  A few hours later he told me that the crash error was something or other I didn’t catch or understand, and he explained it was a part of Windows.  He had updated Windows so he thinks that might have been the reason it wasn’t crashing anymore, that the update fixed it.

I sure hope so.  Poor thing.  I sure wouldn’t want someone knocking me out abruptly in the middle of doing something then be roused back up like nothing happened.  He recommended I get a UPS to help eat the power fluctuations without damaging my power supply.  Which I suppose I’ll do sometime soon, but after paying to get my computer fixed for nothing, I’m a little hesitant to fork out the money right now.  Plus I need another hard drive because my games are taking up too much space.  Getting expensive quick. 

But anyways, I am back, and will resume blogging and finishing up final editing on The Un-Life of William Moore.  Thank you for waiting!

-Dana Lockhart

EDIT:  Whelp, it crashed again right after posting this. So problem still exists. Woo.

EDIT EDIT:  I ran a sfc scan and it found and fixed some corrupted files that vaguely kinda sounded like the thing the tech guy had told me about and she hasn't crashed since and it's been like a week.  Cross your fingers she's good?


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