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Allow me to show you around! 

I’m Dana Lockhart, an aspiring author entering the publishing world.  I typically write urban fantasy novels with a little coming-of-age realism.  My first novel The Un-Life of William Moore has had over 300 hours hot and trending during its Kindle Scout campaign and is on its way to publication.

My website is primarily set up as a blog where I talk about writing and anything else that comes to mind.  I blog approximately once or twice a week.  Only about 10 blog posts show on the main page.  You can view older posts to the left under “archive.” 

Also to the left you will find all sorts of information from how to buy one of my books to a little bit about me.  “Home” will take you back to the main page. If you can't wait for more blog updates, you can check out my gaming articles on DVS Gaming, in which I post at least 4 a week ranging from new game press releases to editorials and reviews. 

You might have noticed a pop-up in the lower right corner asking you to subscribe to my newsletter.  If you don’t want to, that’s fine!  But if you closed it out and change your mind later, just refresh your cache and it will pop back up again.  Or, you can sign up by clicking "newsletter" on the left under "social media."  My newsletter is for ultra-important information only.  I don’t want to fill up your inbox full of junk every time I make a blog post.  Instead, I will just notify you when I release a new book or when one of my books goes on sale.  Important stuff like that. 

However, if you do want to be notified every time I make a blog post, you can click the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the website. It will sign you up to not only be notified of a new post, but the post will be in the email! It's basic HTML, though, and doesn't look all that nice, so I'd suggest following the link to view each post on the website. 

I update my facebook page as soon as I post.  Like my facebook page and change your settings to always get notifications from the page and you’re all set!  You can also subscribe via RSS Feed, link to which is on the left panel.

Did you know you can comment on my blog posts?  This website is created with Blogger by Google, so all you need is a Google account to comment.  Compliments and criticism alike are welcome, but please be appropriate either way.  Excessive swearing or other vulgarity will be deleted.  Thank you for helping to promote a healthy internet!

I hope you enjoy your stay!

-Dana Lockhart


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