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I Quit My Job Today

I've been wanting to talk about what I do for a living for awhile now. But every time I tried to talk about my job, it always went south into how much I hated it. And since it was my only source of income, I couldn't exactly start complaining about it on the internet where they could find it and make the excuse to fire me.

But I quit today, so there's not much holding me back anymore!

Now, I know what some of you are going to think.

"Oh, look at the whiny millennial complaining that life is unfair, awwww. All jobs suck, get over it. There will always be gossips and teacher's pets and lazy bosses and grumpy seniors. Just do your fucking job."

And I mostly agree; if you told me you love your job, I'd probably not believe you. No job is really going to be perfect. There's toxic people and ideals everywhere. You just can't get away from it. Que Bowling for Soup, High School Never Ends.

But you know what saying something like that really means?


I Have Forgotten How to Read

-I Was That Kid-

When I was still just in middle school I once caught myself with no less than ten novels in my back pack.  I devoured books like I was starving for literature.  I always checked out the maximum number of books from the school library and picked the biggest books I could so they would last longer. 

But after I left high school, my time spent reading dropped drastically.  At school I burned through homework like a wildfire and often had spare time during class to read.  My bus commute was no less than two hours even though I lived 20 minutes from the school.  But once I graduated high school, I didn’t have the obviously free time anymore where reading or staring into space were the only options I had to occupy my time.  During college I’d bring my laptop with me and during my down time I leeched off the college’s wifi to play games and watch videos.  During this time I became a Netflix account parasite and binged seasons upon seasons of TV shows.  I had this dream of g…

Change of Plans?

It's honestly been a hard month. Full of stand-stills and unexpected pitfalls.

I'm disappointed that most things I'm trying to achieve in my life right now just aren't going according to plan.  But that's fate for you.  Try as you might, the universe can off-set you at a whim.

I'm also sad to announce that just three months after my campaign, Kindle Scout has thrown in the towel and will no longer be accepting submissions.  I had planned on continuing to submit my work to them in the future, but now that is no longer possible, unless by some miracle they reopen submissions.  But right now, I'm assuming they are just shutting down the program for good.

But!  All is not lost.  I'm reconsidering my plans for The Un-Life of William Moore.

I am wanting to get it out as soon as possible.  My plan had been to self publish.  However, I am strongly considering changing my mind and giving my novel a chance to be traditionally published.

Normally the traditional …