Dana Harts: Boyfriend of the Undead

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Today I will tell you how much I ♥ Boyfriend of the Undead!

Give it a chance, I swear the title doesn't do it justice.  Boyfriend of the Undead by Ushio is a web comic on Line WebToons.  It's free, hilarious, and well exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Seriously, read Chapter 2 and tell me you don't love it.

Boyfriend of the Undead is like if Warm Bodies was a comedy instead of a romance.  It's pretty similar in basic plot but the tone is totally different.  The zombie guy, N, is a total food nerd and won't eat a majority of people because they're too oily (fat), tough (muscled), thin (skinny), or any other number of reasons.  He's also ashamed of the table manners of his fellow zombies.  Eating people raw without seasonings?  Eww, says N.

So when he finds a zombie killing machine in the form of a girl in a pink dress who looks absolutely appetizing, he gets a flash back of his previous life of his grandma insisting that you have to keep and take care of livestock for three days before you eat it.  So he sets out to get this chick to trust him so that he can eat her after three days.  He makes her fancy meals and saves her from other zombies but doesn't expect the wild adventures they have to bring them closer together.

The tone of the series is absolutely amazing.  The zombies are basically normal people that have rotting off limbs and talk in groans and grunts.  They use cell phones to organize their hunting parties and think that zombie killers are oppressing them.  I can't even.  It's beautiful.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the series is still in progress so there is still more to be had but you have to wait a week for new chapters to come out.  As of this post, there are 103 chapters available to read.

Get Line WebToons on Google and iOS.

Do it.  It's amazing.

-Dana Lockhart

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