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Welcome to another episode of Dana Harts!

Today I'm going to be telling you how much I ♥ Nobelesse!

As is the trend with my last several recommendations, Nobelesse is a Line Webtoons web comic by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.  I'm into web comics right now, okay?!  Nobelesse is basically a kick-ass, high powered anime, except the drawings don't move.  This thing seriously needs to be an anime, I would watch the hell out of it.  The fight sequences are so epic even when they aren't moving.

Nobelesse sort of follows the story of a super quiet, super powerful guy named Cadis Etrama Di Raziel.  He wakes up after sleeping for 820 years and ends up in modern day Korea, where he meets up with his old servant, Frankenstein.  Rai is technically a vampire but not in the traditional sense, the difference being that Rai has blood powers but doesn't really drink blood.  Frankenstein is technically human, but he has experimented on himself so much that he has dark superpowers that threaten to consume his soul.  Frankenstein is my favorite.  Just in general.  Of everything ever, he is my favorite.  Better than chocolate.

The whole story boils down to bigger and badder guys coming from this evil organization that experiments on making superhumans and Rai and his crew trying to stop them.  It is the duty of the Nobelesse (Rai) to protect humans, but the power he uses to do so has a price that might end up being the death of him.  As the story progresses they pick up troubled superhuman experiments that feel obligated to help protect Rai since he saved them.  It's these sidekicks that are really the focus of the story moreso than Rai, who just kind of is there until his companions lose and he steps in to win the day with his godly powers, if Frankenstein didn't finish the enemy first with his crazy powers.

This is a pretty serious comic, but the best part of it is when it takes a step back from that.  Rai is very technologically illiterate and it's so amusing to see this ultra-powerful god-like guy unable to leave the apartment because he doesn't know how to open the electronic lock and doesn't want to break anything.  Even when he does escape, he is cursed with the worse sense of direction ever and often gets lost.  The human kids he goes to school with are clueless of who their friend secretly is and yet they are attuned to his slightest facial expression to know what he'd be saying if he'd open his mouth.

And even though I love Nobelesse, I honestly had trouble getting into this comic to begin with.  It just didn't pull me in.  But I was still in the webcomic mood so I pressed on, and man, did it latch it's claws into me unexpectedly.  The bad guys never change their "humans are trash who deserve to die and we are amazing and deserve to rule the world" attitude which has gotten pretty old, but the good guys have such good character development, especially since a good chunk of them started out as bad guys. The comic is extremely male dominated in cast, which disappoints my girl-power instincts but doesn't disappoint my eyes.

I definitely recommend Nobelesse, and I definitely ship Rai and Frankenstein unabashedly despite being straight myself and would rather have Frankenstein to myself. There's basically zero romance between anyone in the comic, (in fact a lot of the experiments have had no life and don't even know what "dating" is) but that doesn't stop me from shipping.  There are currently 523 chapters (wow!) for reading and it's still ongoing and updated every week.  Took me over a month to catch up from chapter 1 and now I'm hanging by a thread waiting for the next chapter. There's also a little 10 chapter side comic about Rai getting lost and accidentally saving a small village from a hungry self-declared god.  And while there is no official anime of it, there is a 30 minute OVA on CrunchyRoll to tease me.

Until I give you your next obession, enjoy Nobelesse!

-Dana Lockhart

All art in this blog post belongs to the artists.

EDIT: Nobelese has concluded as of January 2019. It was beautiful and sad.


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