I'm Now a "Professional Gamer"

I've been holding back announcing this until one of my articles actually went live, but here it is!  I now have a writing gig with DVS Gaming as a game reviewer and other miscellaneous stuff.  I put "professional gamer" in quotes because it is mostly volunteer work, though I get to keep some of the games I review.  There is a possibility down the road for it being a paid-in-money gig, but I'm not expecting it anytime soon.  For me, this is just an amazing opportunity and resume builder, and I do love me some resume building almost as much as money.  Gotta earn me them XPs and achievements and level up IRL.

Image courtesy of DVS Gaming

-I Need the Experience-

When I went to Gateway Con earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to be a speaker.  And it wasn't because I wanted to get paid or owed favors.  I just wanted to talk about the things I know and share that knowledge with other writers.  So far I've come up with a presentation on pen names, which is actually a reasonably long topic because there is a lot of intricacies on picking the right name and then knowing what to do with it.

But then came my mental hiccup:  why would they want me to speak?  Many of the speakers there were way more professional and fleshed out in their careers than me.  Heck, I haven't even published anything yet. Sure, I got some poems in college anthologies and I won one tiny poetry contest.  But all in all, I have little real-world experience in writing.  Unless I managed to get something under my belt by next June, I saw my chances of being a speaker being low.  Or, even if I did get the gig, why would anyone want to believe what I have to say when I have no significant credentials backing me up?

-Enter DVS Gaming-

This opportunity of writing for DVS Gaming doesn't have a price tag on it's value because it is priceless.  Already in just these two articles I have learned so much about making a blog post readable and how to adjust your wording accordingly.  I enjoy being able to learn more about writing in general and the various forms it takes.  This information and experience is invaluable.

It also, in the long run, can be a great way to branch out and get my name out there more.  My blog - this blog - is listed on my DVS Gaming profile.  They post their articles on social media.  With every article with my name on it my reputation can grow, my audience can grow.  That possibility alone would be foolish to pass up.

And the experience.  When I pitch to more agents I can brag about writing for a gaming website that is separate from myself.  It's one thing to say I blog for myself, it's another to say I blog for someone else.  It gives me more credit.  That I have enough talent and attention to detail for people to want me to write for them.  All humbleness aside, it says a lot about me and how seriously I take my writing career.

-In Other News, There's More Good News-

I got a full manuscript request from an agent, one of the ones that I pitched to at Gateway Con.  It's not anything concrete, but it's a foot in the door and a chance to make it further.  All depends on what she thinks of the finished product.  So far she's made comments on some changes and that could take time to do.  But hey, it's something.  Baby steps.

I'm a big believer in baby steps.  My dad spent 74 days in the hospital in critical condition and he's finally back home.  He still has a long way to recover, but he's come so far, and it was all about the baby steps.  So many small, tiny, even microscopic wins to advance us forward, and here we are, at least in sight of the finish line, even if it's going to take time to get there.

Things are looking up.

You can read my review of Oh My Godheads and my press release of Star Control: Origins at dvsgaming.org.  

-Dana Lockhart


  1. Congrats on the new opportunity at dvs and the full manuscript request! Godheads sounds like a fun party game. 😁


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