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I know it seems like I haven't been blogging much (because I haven't), but I am trying.  I have five post drafts in the works right now and I'm not happy with any of them.  And I don't want to just post re-hashed stuff I already posted on DVS Gaming like I did with my Lucifer article.  So, if I can't come up with something entertaining, at least maybe I can come up with a post that's informative.

-It's Time to Bring The Un-Life to Life-

I am currently in the beginning stages to self-publish The Un-Life of William Moore.  I discussed it with the agent I had been taking to, who gave me her blessing.  As I told her, The Un-Life just feels like an old chapter in my life.  I don't believe that I have the spark to force myself to edit it anymore.  One, because I feel like the story is done and complete as is, two, there's just so much more I want to be doing.  So instead of trying to change the story to what it isn't for the sake of being more mainstream, I want to self publish it.

But that doesn't mean I've given up on The Un-Life!  Or that it's a sub-par product.  I just don't want to edit it anymore.  However, I'm all amped-up and ready to format, publish, and market it.  There's not going to be a lack of spark to do that, and I'm excited for the challenge.

The Un-Life of William Moore is on it's final little mini-edit by a friend of mine who is pseudo-beta reading/content editing for me.  One last little comb over to mostly catch inconsistencies (if any) I should address before publishing it.  I'm mostly looking for if the story makes sense and concludes without any confusion.  Hopefully it's pretty damn clean and I can format it, get a back cover made, and publish it.

The goal is to have it ready in June for Gateway Con 2019.  If not then, then this fall sometime.  Either way, definitely shooting for this year.

-The Next Chapter in Progress-

My main work in progress right now is finishing up book one of my Blood Knight series.  I am hovering at around 70k words and want to wrap it up by 90k.  I'd also really like to finish it and have it query-ready by the end of the year.

I'm super excited about Blood Knights because it's the richest world I've ever created.  I have created laws to the universe that I must conform to and that's an exhilarating challenge.  I have 19 pages of lore and definitions to help me keep my universe consistent.

The Winchester's journal. Image courtesy of the CW.
The best part of all of these notes is that I want to make a companion novel with all this information.  The main character of Blood Knights has an employer-issued guidebook for killing vampires and I want to create that book in real life.  Complete with illustrations, charts, and lore.  Imagine a book like the Winchesters have in Supernatural.  Like the fictional Necromonicon in Lovecrafian lore.  Or even just that D&D book or Dragonology book about dragons.  Maybe it would even have some notes from the main character in the margins...who knows.

I'd even like to add some information in it that isn't in the Blood Knights story...Like how to kill a werewolf or exercise a demon, which would lead into possible spin-off series...But we'll have to see!  First I need to get the first Blood Knights book finished and published before thinking about all this other stuff.

Thanks for being patient with me and I hope to bring you more content soon.

-Dana Lockhart


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