The Un-Life of William Moore Cover Reveal

After over a year since I started this journey, The Un-Life of William Moore will soon be available to put on your bookshelf. I already had an e-book cover, but to be able to hold this book in your hands I went back and got a spine and back added to it. A week of waiting was well worth it! Here is the official book cover for The Un-Life of William Moore:

I am so ecstatic about this cover. Thank you, again, Zakaria Nada, for working with me on making this book come to life. I didn't have a single complaint on the background of the back cover and am still in awe of how amazing it looks. If you need a book cover done, I highly recommend Zak and her watercolor style book covers. She has great turn around time and great taste. She also designed the bookmark (coming soon) that will come with this book when you buy it at one of my book signings.

-Book Signing Times and Locations-

Speaking of signings, I already have three book signings on the schedule and a potential fourth in the works. After this post goes live there will be a "Book Signings" link near the "Buy a Book" link on the main menu where you can find out where I'll be in person to sell books. You can ask me questions and get a custom message on your signed book if you wish, not to mention a free matching bookmark! Buying the book in person will be two or three bucks cheaper than buying it online so you'll not want to miss the opportunity to come to one of my book signings!

-Online Pricing and Availability-

And speaking of price, it's not 100% official yet, but it's looking like The Un-Life of William Moore paperback will be selling for $12.99 on Amazon. I haven't decided on the e-book yet, but it will likely be under $5.

"But what if you want a hardback?" I hear you asking. Well, it's in the works. I'm hoping to have a hardback version released sometime this fall. Right now I'm just really trying to push to get The Un-Life ready in some physical capacity by June, and for the moment that means only a paperback. It won't hurt my feels at all if you wait to buy the book when it comes out in hardcover. It will happen soon!

Thank you so much for sticking with me during the highs and lows of this journey. I hope you enjoy The Un-Life as much as I enjoyed making it. The Un-Life is expected to release June 14th, 2019.

-Dana Lockhart


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