Pre-Order or Get ARC Copies of "The Un-Life" Now!

-Get An ARC Copy Now!-

I'm excited to announce that you can get a free review copy of The Un-Life of William Moore while supplies last. I only have 15 more copies to give away, so first come first serve.

A review copy is just that, for review. It's a bit of an "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine" sort of thing. You'll get a free copy of the ebook in exchange for your promise to review the book on Amazon and Smashwords. This copy is e-book only and can be redeemed on Booksprout. 

You'll have until June 13, 2019 to review the book, so about a month from this post date. If you happened to not be able to put it down and finish it by the release date, May 16, I would be eternally grateful for a review by that date. But that's entirely optional, as are reviewing it anywhere else (Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Kobo, etc, etc). If you finish your review early, just let me know and I'll make sure it gets up up.

To ask me for a review copy, message my Facebook page or comment on my Twitter post and I'll get back to you. Or simply find the book on Booksprout. Do let me know if you have any problems with redeeming your book. This is my first time using this site and I want to make sure it's a pleasant experience for everyone.

-Or, Pre-Order "The Un-Life"-

The Un-Life of William Moore will be released on May 16 for the ebook, and roughly that same day for the physical book (there's like an up-to 72 hour possible waiting period once you submit the book).

I'll be totally honest here, folks. I haven't really talked about it because I had hoped something would have happened by now. But I am currently jobless. The job I loved so much decided that they didn't need my position anymore and I was let go. It's been two months of applying to jobs like crazy and I haven't even gotten a nibble yet.

Most of my marketing budget went into book signing material, such as these banners for my table, bookmarks, and buying physical copies.

I've been pouring all my energy into making sure that this book is the best that it can be. It's been hard, frustrating, and a little bit heartbreaking. I'm not at all expecting to be a bestselling author overnight, but the slow uphill climb has felt nearly impossible to surmount. With little to no income, investing in marketing isn't really an option, so I've been grinding what free options there are out there.

But you can help. I'm embarrassed to actually ask for help like this, but purchasing my book would help a struggling artist in her greatest time of need. And if you're in a position like me, that's okay, I understand. If you can't buy the book yourself, please share the link with anyone and everyone. The best thing you can do for an indie author is to help let the world know they exist.

You're my hero,

-Dana Lockhart


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