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When the times comes, this page will serve as a way to direct readers where to purchase my book. Stay tuned!

In the process of getting published...Estimated date mid-June 2019.

Friendship can be hard when you live forever...

When college student Kaylah Rhodes starts experiencing unexplained memory and blood loss, she suspects that she might be the unwitting victim of a vampire. One night she catches the vampire in the act and finds that he appears more afraid of her than she is of him.  The vampire, William Moore, is nothing like what she expected.  He's awkward, shy, and seems pretty normal aside from the whole blood-drinking thing.  William offers to answer all of her questions and tell Kaylah about his un-life if she lets him continue to drink her blood.  But the answers she gets only leave her with more questions, and when he begins disappearing for days while people start turning up mangled by some sort of "animal," Kaylah begins to start losing trust in him.  Is he telling her the truth?  Is he really as harmless as he seems?  Is William Moore truly a gentle soul, or is he secretly a monster?


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