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Speaking Events

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Need a writing industry speaker to talk to your writing guild, organization, school, or other events? Want a guest star on a podcast or web series? I have a few topics I am able to talk about and would be happy to teach your audience a little something about the writing industry. Most of my talks are roughly an hour long but can be adjusted to be shorter or longer depending on your needs.

At this time I have prepared talks for:

All About Pen Names
This talk discusses the topic of pen names. What are the pros and cons of taking on a pseudonym? How do you pick one? What do you do after you pick one? 
How to Write a Novel
This talk encompasses multiple tips for planning your novel, managing your time, and how to make your first draft as clean as possible to make it easier for you to edit later.

How to Develop Your Writing Style
This talk explores the numerous ways you can develop your writing style, from your sentence structure and phrasing to your tone and perspective. It also teaches how to add more vivid language to your writing to make your novel more relatable to readers.

Your First Three Chapters
This talk focuses on developing your first three chapters so they contain everything they need to get your readers engaged enough to keep on reading. It also features a discussion on the three acts of a story and what they should contain.

Overcoming Procrastination and Writers Block
This talk elaborates further on my blog post on how to stay productive in your writing even when you can't make progress on your novel.

So You Want to Write a Novel
This talk is for people who are ready to start their first novel but aren't sure where to get started. It discusses outlining strategies, character and plot development, genres and audiences, and more.

Intro to NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo
This talk raises awareness for NaNoWriMo and teachers listeners how to stay on track, navigate the website, and stay inspired. Listeners are encouraged to do writing sprints with optional writing prompts. These talks are best for November (National Novel Writing Month) or July (Camp NaNoWriMo). 
Things That Go Bump
This talk explores the origin and meaning of monster stories and how they have changed over time. It also dives deep into how to craft a convincing monster inside and out. This talk aims to make you re-think your perception of what it means to be a monster.

If you have a specific topic you'd like me to talk about, just ask! I know a little bit about everything involved in the writing industry, from self-publishing to character development and everything in between.

There is no flat fee for my talks. I am usually happy to do them for little or nothing, but if you can help cover my travel expenses and maybe a little more, great, if not, we can work something out. My services are entirely based on your needs. There's no harm in asking!

At this time I will only travel within 100 miles of Hannibal, MO.  I am able to do remote events, too. I have a professional grade microphone, but at this time I do not have an HD webcam. 

To contact me about speaking at your event, email me at danalockhart411(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on my facebook page.


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