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The time has come! My novel, The Un-Life of William Moore, went live today on Kindle Scout. We have 30 days—until February 2nd, 2018—to get as many votes for it as possible so Amazon will consider publishing it, and if we succeed, you’ll get an early, free digital copy just for voting!

That’s right! If The Un-Life gets published with Kindle Scout, everyone that voted for it gets the ebook FREE!

To nominate The Un-Life of William Moore, click here, or visit Kindle Scout and search for the book title or my name, Dana Lockhart. All you need is an Amazon account to vote! You can nominate up to three novels, so maybe pick out a couple other books while you’re there if you want to try and get even more free ebooks and support other authors. Just make sure to have The Un-Life as one of your three on February 2nd!

The first chapter is available to read on Kindle Scout. The second chapter is available to read on this blog here.  To read the rest, we’ll have to make Amazon think it’s worth…

Spoiler-Free Excerpts of The Un-Life of William Moore

I’m just so excited to share my book with you that I’m going to share some short segments from all over the story so as to give you a taste of what the book is like without revealing it to the point of spoilers, hopefully.

Get the FULL ebook for FREE if The Un-Life of William Moore is selected for publication by nominating it now on Kindle Scout. Voting ends Feb 2. Chapter one is also available to read on Kindle Scout. Chapter two is available to read on this blog here.

I might cut down on some unnecessary or confusing details with ellipses (...).

From Chapter 7
I slept far later than I meant to. My make-up was smeared all over my pillow when I woke in the afternoon. I didn’t even care to look at the clock. I purposely didn’t plan anything the day after Billy’s visit. Stumbling to the bathroom, I took a shower, washing the sweat and make-up from the night before off of me. I felt so much better once I was clean. Without even thinking, I walked naked through my own house, opening my …

I Have to Get Something Off My Chest

-Between the Lines-

I referenced in my blog post Let Me Explain that I don’t really like revealing every meaning behind a story. As a writer, I like to let the reader figure out what I’m trying to tell them hidden between the lines of a story. But there’s something that I do want to talk about in regards to what I wanted to convey with my novel, The Un-Life of William Moore. But I assure you, it isn’t the only meaning I had intended! Just perhaps the most obvious one. So don’t forget to keep looking for more meaning.

I’d honestly rather my first novel be something more unique and game changing. Because I’m sure there’s going to be a multitude of people out there that are going to groan and go “Uggggh, another vampire book, just what the world needed.”

And that’s the point. This novel is the response to reactions like that.

-Depths in the Shallows-

The biggest theme present in The Un-Life of William Moore is not to judge a book by its cover – to not stereotype – to realize there’…

This is a Risk I'm Willing to Take

-My First Try-

I actually tried querying The Un-Life of William Moore when I first finished it several years ago. I submitted my pitch to a dozen or so agents, and only got automated “Sorry, but no” emails in response (seriously, I think one even said “Dear [insert name]” on it and they didn’t bother to fill in the insert). And that was a time when anything with the word “vampire” seemed like it was getting sold. Remember “My Babysitter is a Vampire?” Shudder. I remember My Babysitter is a Vampire. It wasn’t exactly unexpected that I failed, but it was still disappointing. And at the time, my dreams of being a published author were a little dashed.

I tried looking into self-publishing, but the only things I were finding were “vanity” publishers and hefty investments into printing and distributing your own book, which at the time was out of the realm of possibility for me.

-A New Hope-

But my hopes were reignited a couple years ago when I discovered how easy it was to self-pub…

I Am a Turtle Without a Shell

-To Speak, or Not to Speak-

I am a terribly anti-social introvert, even though I really like conversation. Spending a night at home doing nothing but watching Netflix and wasting my life away is about the best way to end my day that I can imagine.

But while I like being alone, I don’t like being lonely. One of the things I’m most afraid of is feeling alone in a room crowded full of people. You might as well be invisible, or not exist. I tend to like to listen to a conversation as much as I like talking, and sometimes I feel like I’d be rude to try and get a word in when the conversation is flowing so well without me and I’m learning so much by just being silent. But I’m also an oxymoron when it comes to socializing. Sometimes I don’t talk; sometimes I don’t stop.

One day I was in college talking to a classmate on one of the first days where the instructor insisted on everyone getting to know one another. At one point, my classmate stopped me and said, “You talk…

How's Kindle Scout Going?

Well, I don’t really know how Kindle Scout is going, honestly. Kindle Scout does give you some tools to work with in order to figure out which of your marketing strategies are working and which are failing. But they won’t flat up tell you how many nominations you or anyone else has.

For example, they tell me how many people have used external links to view my book, and where it was they were directed from when they clicked on it. It’s neat to see the breakdown: how many came from facebook, how many came from my website (and which page of it), how many came from promotional websites, etc.

But external links don’t really seem all that important, because Kindle Scout also shows you what percentage of page views are coming from browsing Kindle Scout and how many are coming from outside sources. Right now, my ratio is about 90% of my views are coming from Kindle Scout, and 10% are from elsewhere. The highest external sources I had was 15% during the first couple days when I went live…

The Un-Life of William Moore: Chapter 2

The first chapter of The Un-Life of William Moore is live on Kindle Scout, as well as some of chapter two. But chapter two gets cut short due to the 5k word excerpt limit and the first two chapters running around 3k+, so here is the complete chapter two of the novel! In chapter two, we find out more about William's origins and some of what makes him tick.

Before you read it, you might head on over to Kindle Scout and read the first chapter. While you’re there, nominate it! If the novel is selected for publication, all voters get an early, free copy of the ebook! And who doesn’t love free books?