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I’m Dana Lockhart, an aspiring author entering the publishing world.  I typically write urban fantasy novels with a little coming-of-age realism.  My first novel The Un-Life of William Moore has had over 300 hours hot and trending during its Kindle Scout campaign and is on its way to publication.

My website is primarily set up as a blog where I talk about writing and anything else that comes to mind.  I blog approximately once or twice a week.  Only about 7 blog posts show on the main page.  You can view older posts to the left under “achieve.” 

Also to the left you will find all sorts of information from how to buy one of my books to a little bit about me.  “Home” will take you back to the main page.

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Small Victories, Small Setbacks

Even though a lot of my author life has been put on hold as I travel back and forth from the hospital to take care of my dad, there are still some things coming out of the woodwork.

-Writers Guild Updates-

I became vice president of the Hannibal Writers Guild!  Heck yeah, man.  I was originally nominated for secretary, but VP is what I wanted.  Of course I would have loved president but I took the step back from it to let the founder of the guild be president (I probably wouldn't have won the majority anyway).

I am almost geared up to go to the Big River Steampunk Festival.  I will be helping to man the guild booth, but I'm as of yet unsure which days I will be there for it.  I was thinking Saturday and the first half or so of Sunday (I'd stay longer, but I don't want to leave my dad all alone in the hospital all weekend but I also don't want to have to drive back and forth every day when it's such a long drive).  I'll be dressed up in a steampunk costume, i…

Dana Harts: Boyfriend of the Undead

Welcome back to another Dana Harts, a blog series about the literature and movies that I love and recommend.

Today I will tell you how much I ♥ Boyfriend of the Undead!

Give it a chance, I swear the title doesn't do it justice.  Boyfriend of the Undead by Ushio is a web comic on Line WebToons.  It's free, hilarious, and well exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Seriously, read Chapter 2 and tell me you don't love it.

Boyfriend of the Undead is like if Warm Bodies was a comedy instead of a romance.  It's pretty similar in basic plot but the tone is totally different.  The zombie guy, N, is a total food nerd and won't eat a majority of people because they're too oily (fat), tough (muscled), thin (skinny), or any other number of reasons.  He's also ashamed of the table manners of his fellow zombies.  Eating people raw without seasonings?  Eww, says N.

So when he finds a zombie killing machine in the form of a girl in a pink dress who looks absolute…

Dana Harts: Siren's Lament

Welcome to a new segment on my blog I like to call Dana Harts! It's a silly pun on like "I ♥ NY" T-shirts and things like that. Dana Harts will be about things that I love, specifically literature and movies that I recommend.  A sort a recommended reading/watching list, if you will.  I'll try to give you enough information about what makes this stuff amazing without spoiling anything important.

Today I'll be talking about how much I ♥ Siren's Lament!

Siren's Lament is a web comic on Line WebToons by instantmiso.  It's free to read, it's beautiful, and it's pulled at my heart strings unlike anything else in a long time.  It's a love triangle with hot mermaid men.  What more do you want?

The story follows a flower-shop owner Lyra, who is broken hearted because her best friend/crush is dating another woman. When her heart finally reaches it's breaking point, she goes to the ocean's edge and there she hears a hypnotic voice offering to…

Hardships and Hurdles

It's hard to find time to blog right now, and I apologize for that.  So here's an explanation for my absence and some updates for the future.

Long story short, my dad is in critical condition at the hospital and I've been spending most of my free time with him. It's been hard.

I don't have much to update on the pitching situation either.  One agent I still haven't heard from and the other that seemed interested hasn't replied to my follow up.

I am slowly working on a new series of blog posts that I hope to release soon.  A sort of review/recommendation of reading/watching.  When I find something I enjoy, I want to spread the word in hopes someone else will find joy in it, too.

I'm gearing up for the Steampunk Festival in Hannibal, MO. My writers guild will have a booth there. In the spirit of things I'm putting together a costume that I'll try and have finished by then. It kind of all depends on the health of my dad at that point whether I'l…

The Aftermath of Gateway Con

I have a lot and nothing at all going on at the same time.

I got five agents that requested material while I was at Gateway Con. I didn't like one of them because he sounded like he came from a vanity publisher, and another one told me to submit it via their website but their website isn't accepting submissions?  So I sent varying requested lengths of The Un-Life to the remaining three and so far I've only gotten a brief response from one that didn't say yes or no.  So I'm not sure what's going on there. I suppose I'll see what the others say before I start digging in too deep.

Gateway Con was amazing. I recommend it or any other writing conference if you are an aspiring author. I met several authors that have become acquaintance-friends.  Made some connections, I hope, with editors and agents.  Learned some.  The hotel was pretty and expensive but amazing.  I bought some signed books.  Conventions are a great way to boost confidence, meet people, and broad…

Going to Gateway Con!

A lot is going on in my life right now that has distracted me from posting on a regular basis. I ended a bad relationship as well as a bad friendship and I'm taking it hard. I'm a little over a month into my new job and I'm loving it! But more importantly, I'm nearly to the next step in my publishing adventure.

I will be attending the St. Louis Writers Guild Gateway Conference this weekend. There I will network with authors, editors, and agents, and the best part of all is that I will be pitching to two or more agents to try and get The Un-Life of William Moore published traditionally.

It is a little conflicting.  From how much Kindle Scout wanted to turn my novel into a crime thriller, I'm afraid of what an agent or publisher would want to do to it before they'd say yes. But I can't just ignore the opportunity.  So often when you submit queries it can take months, even years, before you hear back as to whether they want your  novel or not.  I don't wan…

I'm Still Alive (I Think)

-Where Have I Been?-

Well, nowhere, really. I'm just in a wonderfully weird spot right now. I got a new job, which is great, but it did put me in this unsettling limbo as I waited to start my first day. As I discussed in my post announcing my resignation, when I quit I was sent home to finish my last two weeks as "vacation." This was upsetting due to not being able to say goodbye to anyone, among other reasons. It was also off-putting because I couldn't start my new job immediately despite my sudden availability.

They were expecting me more towards May 1st, and here I was free on April 17th. Both bosses were away, one for almost a week, another for a week and a half.  Three days after I quit I got a hold of one, who said that the other one needed to be back before we could get started. Okay. I passed another week in this uncomfortable stand-still. I binge watched a lot of TV (Sherlock Holmes two times, two seasons of Supernatural, the Lost in Space first season, lots…