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I’m Dana Lockhart, an aspiring author entering the publishing world.  I typically write urban fantasy novels with a little coming-of-age realism.  My first novel The Un-Life of William Moore has had over 300 hours hot and trending during its Kindle Scout campaign and is on its way to publication.

My website is primarily set up as a blog where I talk about writing and anything else that comes to mind.  I blog approximately once or twice a week.  Only about 7 blog posts show on the main page.  You can view older posts to the left under “archive.” 

Also to the left you will find all sorts of information from how to buy one of my books to a little bit about me.  “Home” will take you back to the main page.

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I Am Myself Again

I came to realization that I finally feel like myself again.  Considering I just turned 25 and the last time I felt like myself was 5th grade, that's really saying something.

-The Point of Impact-

Right around 6th grade a terrible rumor started spreading about me that turned everyone against me.  The rumor being that I was a lesbian, which, fun fact, I'm not in the slightest.  I'm so straight I don't even like being a woman, let alone touching another one (though it should also be noted that I do identify as a girl even if I don't like being one).

So this was like 2006, and back then being different, being a "lesbian," was a high crime and not nearly as tolerated as it is today.  It was basically a death sentence for you socially.  But did anyone ask me if it was true?  Would anyone bother to believe me if they would have?  No.  My peers turned on me without question.

The rest of my school life up until 12th grade graduation was mostly a living hell as I d…

I'm Now a "Professional Gamer"

I've been holding back announcing this until one of my articles actually went live, but here it is!  I now have a writing gig with DVS Gaming as a game reviewer and other miscellaneous stuff.  I put "professional gamer" in quotes because it is mostly volunteer work, though I get to keep some of the games I review.  There is a possibility down the road for it being a paid-in-money gig, but I'm not expecting it anytime soon.  For me, this is just an amazing opportunity and resume builder, and I do love me some resume building almost as much as money.  Gotta earn me them XPs and achievements and level up IRL.

-I Need the Experience-

When I went to Gateway Con earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to be a speaker.  And it wasn't because I wanted to get paid or owed favors.  I just wanted to talk about the things I know and share that knowledge with other writers.  So far I've come up with a presentation on pen names, which is actually a reasonably long topic be…

Dana Harts: Lightning Round

So this Dana Harts isn't recommending something called "Lightning Round," it's going to be a bunch of little things that I don't have enough to say about them to warrant an entire post about it.

While I'm bored waiting for my obsessions, Siren's Lament, Boyfriend of the Undead, and Nobelesse to update, I read other web comics on Line Webtoon.  Not all of them are good.  But they sure are conversation pieces.

♥ Blue Chair

You'll probably recognize this guy.  I've seen his art on Facebook and imgur, sadly usually without credit.  Blue Chair is a Line Webtoon webcomic by Shen. He's the one that did that existential crisis meme that is so relateable it hurts.  You'll recognize his art style, too, as he has a bunch of other famous little comics too.  There's hundreds of these comics, and from what I've read so far, they are all pretty funny.  If you wanted more but didn't know where to find it, now you know!  Blue Chair is still on…

Dana Harts: Nobelesse

Welcome to another episode of Dana Harts!

Today I'm going to be telling you how much I ♥ Nobelesse!

As is the trend with my last several recommendations, Nobelesse is a Line Webtoons web comic by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.  I'm into web comics right now, okay?!  Nobelesse is basically a kick-ass, high powered anime, except the drawings don't move.  This thing seriously needs to be an anime, I would watch the hell out of it.  The fight sequences are so epic even when they aren't moving.

Nobelesse sort of follows the story of a super quiet, super powerful guy named Cadis Etrama Di Raziel.  He wakes up after sleeping for 820 years and ends up in modern day Korea, where he meets up with his old servant, Frankenstein.  Rai is technically a vampire but not in the traditional sense, the difference being that Rai has blood powers but doesn't really drink blood.  Frankenstein is technically human, but he has experimented on himself so much that he has dark superpowers that th…

Small Victories, Small Setbacks

Even though a lot of my author life has been put on hold as I travel back and forth from the hospital to take care of my dad, there are still some things coming out of the woodwork.

-Writers Guild Updates-

I became vice president of the Hannibal Writers Guild!  Heck yeah, man.  I was originally nominated for secretary, but VP is what I wanted.  Of course I would have loved president but I took the step back from it to let the founder of the guild be president (I probably wouldn't have won the majority anyway).

I am almost geared up to go to the Big River Steampunk Festival.  I will be helping to man the guild booth, but I'm as of yet unsure which days I will be there for it.  I was thinking Saturday and the first half or so of Sunday (I'd stay longer, but I don't want to leave my dad all alone in the hospital all weekend but I also don't want to have to drive back and forth every day when it's such a long drive).  I'll be dressed up in a steampunk costume, i…

Dana Harts: Boyfriend of the Undead

Welcome back to another Dana Harts, a blog series about the literature and movies that I love and recommend.

Today I will tell you how much I ♥ Boyfriend of the Undead!

Give it a chance, I swear the title doesn't do it justice.  Boyfriend of the Undead by Ushio is a web comic on Line WebToons.  It's free, hilarious, and well exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Seriously, read Chapter 2 and tell me you don't love it.

Boyfriend of the Undead is like if Warm Bodies was a comedy instead of a romance.  It's pretty similar in basic plot but the tone is totally different.  The zombie guy, N, is a total food nerd and won't eat a majority of people because they're too oily (fat), tough (muscled), thin (skinny), or any other number of reasons.  He's also ashamed of the table manners of his fellow zombies.  Eating people raw without seasonings?  Eww, says N.

So when he finds a zombie killing machine in the form of a girl in a pink dress who looks absolute…

Dana Harts: Siren's Lament

Welcome to a new segment on my blog I like to call Dana Harts! It's a silly pun on like "I ♥ NY" T-shirts and things like that. Dana Harts will be about things that I love, specifically literature and movies that I recommend.  A sort a recommended reading/watching list, if you will.  I'll try to give you enough information about what makes this stuff amazing without spoiling anything important.

Today I'll be talking about how much I ♥ Siren's Lament!

Siren's Lament is a web comic on Line WebToons by instantmiso.  It's free to read, it's beautiful, and it's pulled at my heart strings unlike anything else in a long time.  It's a love triangle with hot mermaid men.  What more do you want?

The story follows a flower-shop owner Lyra, who is broken hearted because her best friend/crush is dating another woman. When her heart finally reaches it's breaking point, she goes to the ocean's edge and there she hears a hypnotic voice offering to…